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From where we leave the blog atmosphere, I actually got pregnant and had given birth to a healthy bouncy baby boy somehow about 19 months ago. Khalis is growing very well these days and of course I am still breastfeeding him religiously now.

I am a person who is pro breastfeeding and I am thankful that I am still given the opportunity to enjoy  this breastfeeding journey with Khalis. Ones, should not ignore the benefit of breastfeeding at large to the baby and the mother as well. If u have hesitation on this, trust me, you should not. Many has been saying, why I chose the hassle to breastfeed. Some finds it rather troublesome with babies hanging on your boobies all the time but trust me, given any choice in this world, i will and still going to breastfeed my kids, God willing. 

For some newbie, here is some Lesson 101 why you should breastfeed. What is important and equally good is to set the goal to exclusively breastfeed your baby for the first 6 months. Get the support from your families, spouse or even your doctor about this. I believe in this. It shall help you in giving your baby true exclusive breast milk for the first 6 months of their lives. I remember telling myself that I shall do whatever it takes to gives all my son the wonderful zillion goodness benefit of breast milk at least in their first 6 months.   

The golden milk that u have the privilege to produce is good for your baby because:-

1. It builds natural antibodies for the child  - who cant say no to natural antibodies huhhhh yeayyyyy
2. Reduces risks of baby getting diarrhoea, respiratory infections, allergy and a lot more
3. Encourages brain development
4. It creates the bonding in between a mother and her child

At the same time, breastfeeding will do extra good to us too, yes us the mommies. Why is it so? because....

1. Reduces chances of getting breast cancer (hoorayyyy)
2. Burns calories (up to 600 calories per day..more reason to have that devil chocolate cake as your snacks :) )

Well I have 3 kids now and I fully breastfeed all 3 of them I would say I just hope all mothers out there aware of the benefit of breastfeeding. I wish i can rant longer as I always found passion on this subject. But u too can get more information from Info Sihat website (www.infosihat.gov.my) in order to help you breastfeed. 

Do not wait nor delay it. Get yourself prepare and remember our small little baby deserve the golden liquid in their life. And to all breastfeeding mothers, you guys rawks but for those who hasn't get the chance to do so, there's never too late for anything. 

Breastfeeding - yeayyy!!!! do it now or regret later  *Wink*Wink*

Hello there strangers

Thursday, October 15, 2015 0 comments

so, we do we begin?

Life should starts picking up ..

We will see where do we go...

An intimate afternoon tea

Friday, November 29, 2013 2 comments

On one fine afternoon, I had a chance to feet up and had this great catching up session with my Invalise partner. We had a great afternoon over Tea Lounge in Majectic Hotel, KL. We planned to have it over the Orchard Conservatory area but it was fully booked.

This is the picture from its website. I would come again for this. My late mom loves Orchids so much and this surely will bring a good memory sake to be here i think. 

Anyhow, since the Orchard conservatory was fully booked, we settled for the Tea Lounge area. Ambiance was great, food wise I would say is good. And the whole experience come at a price of RM48++/per person. Do give it a shot. Make it a moment to just reflect back. Go with ur husband for some time out session or had a reunion with ur Bffs. I think it is a great thing. 

Some snap of the day from our trusted phone. 

Sweet and savoury - scones great with clotted cream the cheese cake TDF
and the pannacotta is super awesome

the black box was a shaw from @fleurmalaysia - follow them on IG

the box is a hot savoury dishes came with chicken wings and some
fried dim sum- we had walloped it earlier :)
Till then, toddles peep and Have a lovely weekend


Tuesday, November 26, 2013 5 comments

Well, since we are still in touching base mode.

Here is what these 2 boys are up to currently. We bought ok, Hubs bought these bikes over the weekend for the 2 kiddos. And now a good way to make them stay away from those gadget. U know as a parents how we have these love hate relationship with those iPad and iPod. At one point u think its the best invention on earth but on other time you feel like throwing it over the windows when the kids been hogging to it like nobody business.

So these days, both of them have been pestering to go out and pedal the bicycles and its sweat time. I love it. See how Khilfi has grown up so much. No thanx to endless eating and lazying around gadget when time permits.

We have been delaying in getting these 2 machine home. Kesian the boys have been using the old one nazak giller, until the lost interest on those junk bicycles. Well, enjoy the gifts boy. Stay safe during ur cycling session and till then, toddles peep.

So I spoke to few closest friends that I am back blogging. off course it was a words of joy *wink*

Well, truth is I do feel happy for this come back even I am not sure does this blog still has its own reader after my almost empty post for more than a year except for the fruit cake and Invalise stuffs. Do say Hi if u still around its good to touch base peeps.

Amongst other that always been a question mark or a question, whats up with u now?

Just to put things in perspective:-

1. I have been so busy at work [for zillionth time I have to repeat this mantra. I have not been socializing much even my IG has not been updated that frequent now. I touch the apps in the morning in between my getting ready time to work or between brekkie and only can do so at night but by that time I have no desire of doing anything except to scroll the timeline. Work definitely has been crazy and taking its toll on me. I am moving on now. I no longer on operation side. I decided to venture on new line of world in the crazy rat race and dude it has been tough. I have yet to get 100% grip of it and everyday is still a learning ball hopping here and there for me. May Allah ease my way in this]

2. Home front of The Kek's. Hubby too has been busy. This year is pretty tough for both of us. Its a year where career if u may put it has taking some major lead in our everyday life.  but we are sustaining it. Insya allah as i said I do hope we shall get the right balance in this. The kids has been wonderful. Khilfi masya allah, u should see how he has been so grown up. He is doing ok in school but not as fast as we hope he is but partly we have not been pushing him so much and being very relaxed on that rule and serve us right he kind of get lazy in the middle n now the challenge is there to get him on track once again. so that is our challenge to move on. Khazin on the other side has been great at school and kind of rock star in his own way. he cling to his brother like nobody business and I would say he get mostly whatever Khilfi interest in his own way. But overall, the kids are our greatest gift to us.

There's a few moment when both hubby and myself feel we are not doing enough with them but we do hope the boys understand why it is happening. Alhamdulillah we will slowly overcome all these challenges insya allah things are going to be better next year. More to come in our household next year.   Activity wise these household have been busy. We flew to Doha early this year to meet my sister and families. We went back to KT few times and had a few sleep over by the sea too which the boys enjoyed it so much. Few hotels sleep where of course what they boys truly love. Lots of family bonding with KT and Keramat clans alhamdulillah....

well, that kind of conclude what is in and up during the absent. Other than that I myself has been busy with my other side of activities that I love and keep me going. Invalise has been stronger day by day. I travelled to Paris few times to source for the stocks and we manage to grow few alliances with few people who finally be with the team to help us scout for stuffs in UK and Europe be it Paris, Italy or Amsterdam. IT had been very busy. Fiasco with the banking issues, IG updates, email overflowing, whatsapp crashing just to get all customers their dream bags. it has been one hell of experience I truly love.

Besides that, I kind of sticking to my lovely friends who truly a big star sisters in my life. we have been having fun for the past few years with our annual girls trip and decided to venture out little bit. we turn our trips into some more fun things and source for more muslimah syariah compliance clothing and it was a hit too. We have been flying out to get materials and etc and it has been so much work going on. Hence the reason of being out of blogging world.

Overall, I must say it has been crazy. but I just love it. As some of you may know how I just love being and living this kind of 'sotong' life. Like u have 10 pairs of hand and extra 4-5 hours in ur normal 24 hours time daily. But No, I still have this 2 hands and 24-7 like all of you it takes lots of effort to keep this moving and maybe I might gone overboard too far. Anyhow, this space, will give me some breather outlook, to just breath in breathe out and to reflect on the whole things. Insya allah.

Till next time, toodles peeps

Love to SHOP